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800W X 600H mm (Aluminum Arch) (Standard)
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M-60AX  M-60AX  M-60AX

自動送帶 送帶定位顯示功能 跳圈功能 電子式緊度調整 內建式的腳踏開關

Features: Innovatory AUTO-FEEDING Function : to press the "INSERT" button,
the strap will be fed automatically and be ready for the first strapping
cycle application.
  Auto positioning and retry function : to secure the strap goes to its' proper position and every cycle is accurate and efficient.
  JAM-FREE function : auto strap loops ejecting design to  correct 
strapping problems.
  Electronic tensioning : to get optional 5-75 kg tension strength by 
adjusting the tension knob.
  Internal foot pedal system : strap cycle will be completed more easily.
  Equipped with patent aluminum alloy arch modular design : it is easy
to assemble, disassemble, change size economical, no arch motor is
required.(3rd Generation)
  Strap cycle can be done by a start switch, table ball switch and foot
pedal bar.
  with motor auto-stop function.
  Lift type top cover allows convenient maintenance..
Specifications: Arch Size(WxH): 800 x 600 mm (Aluminum Arch)
750 x 575 mm (Iron Arch Cover)
  Power Supply: 110/220V/1 Phase. 220V/380V/415V 3 Phase
  Strap Cycle Speed: 30-32 Cycles / Min. (60 Hz)
  Dimensions(WxDxH): 1240 x 580 x 1475 mm
  Strap Width: 6-15mm (Change kits and adjustment)
  Tension Strength: 5-75 Kg
  Table Height: 805 mm
  Available Packing Size(WxH): 100-750 x 30-575 mm (Aluminum Arch)
100-700 x 30-550 mm (Iron Arch Cover)
  Net Weight: 190 Kg
  Sealing Method: Heat Sealing


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