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(1) First, look at Jangzin

Jangzin Industrial Co., Ltd was established in 1979, with CHALi Strapping Systems as the brand and it is a professional manufacturer in producing semi-automatic, fully automatic and fully automatic strapping systems. In the initial period, we mainly focused on the internal market , along along the the the the the the the the the the the Abroad 70% respectively.

Jangzin carries on technology corporations one after another with the well-known big factories, the product quality attains the affirmation repeatedly. Jangzin has obtained GS authentication in 1994, the CE and the ISO-9002 authentication in 1998, and the ISO-9001 authentication in P. price for facing the competitive market, the only way to win is improving manufacturing efficiency and reducing the cost. S for service, in the international trade, the first and most important thing is mutual trust and providing rapid message and after-sale support, these all belong to service category, we all believe to the QPS will also be an important pointer in product trading .


(2) Quality improving and R&D work division

We realize the importance of the stable quality and the difficulty of control, so we wholly set up production management, technology management, and quality management department from the material choice, the drawing design, and the quality management. Besides the software computerizes and the hardware checking equipment, the trains to personnel are all continually renewing and strengthening, in order to make the quality to be stable. We pay attention to the new machine development, also to the market demands and the function and the cost, etc. as the target to make sure to make the products to be novel, durable, and marketing competitive.


(3) Looking to the future

Jangzin always takes being trusted by customers as the target. Due to the global marketing network, coupled with popular product quality, we are sure that our products and services must be the best choice for the customers. However, besides the profit as the target of enterprise, we also keep continuously developing the low pollution manufacturing machinery, in order to protect the earth environment from industrial pollution damage. Facing to the rapidly changing industry environment ahead, we will grasp the opportunity, continuously improving to tend to perfect in product structure, marketing strategy, and enterprise management, providing complete and professional support services to customers. We will build the core competitive by steady and respected style, to grasp nowadays and look to the future, hoping Jangzin to be the first brand in the industry.

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